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Tours in Armenia
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Tours in Armenia - History of Armenia Tourism

Armenia - World's First Historic Tourism Destination

According to Holy Bible Noah was the first traveler who constructed his ark to escape and survive from the Great Flood. He took human being and animals of each race to save of demise. Noah traveled 150 days in waters of Flood and landed in Armenia - on the Holy Mount Ararat. Noah blessed Armenian land planted a vineyard, made the first wine in Armenia and become drunk and happy! Therefore he lived 950 years to be the oldest human being ever.

Historic Travelers and Tours in Armenia

In ancient times Greek Historians Herodotus, Ksenofon, Strabo, Plutarch, Takitos and many others traveled to Armenia to discover the Armenian History, Armenian Nature and life style of Armenian People. Therefore Armenia is largely mentioned in thousands of ancient sources, including historic maps.

In Middle Ages many European scientists, historians, poets, and others traveled to Armenia. Marco Polo was among the first Armenia travelers who presented Armenia and the Holy Mount Ararat to the Europeans. Who wrote about fabulous beauty of Ararat and mentioned about the two parts of Armenia - Armenia Minor and Armenia the Great.

In the last centuries many well known people participated in special tours in Armenia and wrote rich memories about Armenia and Ararat. Among these people are Joseph Pitton de Tournefort, a French botanist and physician; Jean-Baptiste-Simon Chardin, the French painter; Dr. Georg Friedrich Parrot, a French Scientist; Otto Wilhelm Hermann von Abich - German mineralogist and geologist; Harry Finnis Blosse Lynch; James Bryce, a British jurist, historian and politician.

In 1829 Russian World known poet Alexander Pushkin traveled to Armenia, Erzrum via Bzovdal's Pass and railway of Gyumri - Kars. In 1896 a group of travelers led by professor K. Abelyan performed several tours in Armenia, coming from Constantinopolis (currently: Istanbul) to Trabzon - Tbilisi - Yerevan - Igdir and climbed to Mount Ararat.

Soviet time Armenia Tourism

In 1931 the first state owned Armenian Travel Company was established for so called "proletarian tourism". In 1936 the responsibility for Armenia Tourism administration was transferred to the Trade Union of Armenia (TUA). In 1951 Armenia Tour and Sightseeing organization was established - Armenia Excursion Center. In 1952 it was renamed to Yerevan Tourism and Excursion Center.

In 1932 Armenian branch of Soviet INTOURIST, a federal state-owned company, started functioning.

In 1933 only 19 foreigners (non soviet citizens) visited Armenia, and respectively 67 in 1934, 255 in 1935 and 70,000 in 1985. Armenian INTOURIST was actively collaborating with foreign travel agencies and Armenian tourism related organizations.

In 1959 Armenia Tourism and Excursion Department was established, which was renamed to Armenian Republic Council for Tourism and Excursions in 1969. The same year Yerevan Sightseeing bureau became operational.

In 1959 Soviet Union's two major federal tour routes were targeted to Armenia. There were 4 camps in Armenia for travelers with total capacity of 160 pax.

In 1964 the Department of Foreign Tourism was set within the structure of the Soviet Armenian Government, which renamed to General Department of Foreign Tourism of Armenia in 1984.

A large tourist infrastructure was developed in Armenia during the Soviet period. In 1972 the Armenian Central Committee of Soviet Young Communists' (so called "komsomol") established Sputnik Travel Agency in the structure of the same federal organization of Soviet Union. During 1981-1985 Armenian Sputnik received 19,000 foreign tourists per year from 35 countries and 35,000 tourists from Soviet Republics respectively.

Lot of hotels and rest houses were constructed in Soviet Armenia. By that time best hotels in Armenia were owned and administered by INTOURIST, such as: Armenia Hotel in Yerevan, ANI Hotel in Yerevan, DVIN Hotel in Yerevan and SEVAN Hotel on the Beach of Lake Sevan. Youth Hotel Yerevan, TSITSERNAK Hotel Yerevan with it's Sevan branch were managed by Sputnik Armenian Travel Agency. Yerevan hotels NAIRI and EREBOUNI, Gyumri Hotel Kumayri, Aparan Hotel Tourist, Stepanavan Hotel LALVAR and other rest houses and hotels in GORIS, Dilijan, Vanadzor, Ijevan, Toumanyan and Kapan were providing additional Accommodation in Yerevan and Armenia for 3806 pax.

Before the collapse of Soviet Union 22 federal Armenia travel routs were targeted or passing through Yerevan, Sevan, Garni, Geghard, Tatev to brink 70,000 tourists. Other 38 local tour routs were additionally attracting about 85,000 tourists. Weekend mass tourism in Armenia was supported by 150 bus tour routs. And finally Armenian Tourism institutions were providing people with the opportunity to travel to more than 170 cities and tourist attractions outside Armenia, including tours and cruises to Black See, Baltic See, Volga, Dnepr, Amour, Yenisey rivers.

In 1985 27 Armenian travel agencies were operating in all Armenian cities and providing Tours in Armenia and other tourist services to 3 million people annually.

Armenia was a unique republic within the Soviet Union because of hosting lot of Diaspora Armenians from all over the World.

In 1991 Armenia became an independent country, and a New Era for Armenia Tourism started.

Tours in Armenia - Present day Armenia Tourism

Since 2000 Armenia is becoming one of the most attractive new travel destinations for the World Travelers who chose deferent Tours in Armenia. In the period of 2000-2010 very impressive growth rates have been registered in Armenia Tourism. The number of visits to Armenia has increased for about 12 times: 558,000 visitors in 2008 against 45,000 in 2000.

According to Armenia Tourism official statistics about 575,000 tourists visited Armenia in 2009 from Russia, USA, European Countries (France, Italy, Germany and other), Iran, Georgia, Ukraine, Israel and other countries. Most of these tourists take tours in Armenia regions and Yerevan. Many of them also go to Artsakh - the Republic of Nagorno Krabakh.

About 50% of tourists visiting Armenia are Diaspora Armenians.

Armenia is becoming a beloved place for Iranians to celebrate their National Holiday: Nowruz in March of each year (usually starting from March 21 until April). It is amaze that thousands of Muslim Iranians purchase tours in Armenia to celebrate their National Holyday in Christian Armenia where they enjoy Armenian hospitality, ancient monuments, holy places and of course western stile of life and freedoms of a modern country.

The number of tourists registered in hotels and lodging houses in 2008 was 70,600 against 59,000 in 2007, 38% of which were in Armenia on a business trip, 16% for recreation and entertainment, and 0.3% for medical treatment.

Over 70 hotels operate in Armenia, 35 of which in regions. There are more than 45 BBs and lodging houses in Armenia Tourism sector, thousands of apartments and other options for Accommodation in Armenia.

Armenia Tourism target is 3,000,000 visitors in 2030. Many international experts consider this number realistic and therefore lot of investment opportunities exist in Armenia Tourism.

Seven Reasons for Pilgrimage Tours in Armenia

Tours in Armenia will take you back to the ancient times presenting everlasting reasons for visiting Armenia.

Your experience will consist of a modern and safe country with friendly people, delicious food, incredible nature, and a variety of leisure opportunities.

The seven reasons for a pilgrimage to Armenia, which have been handed from generation to generation, are:

- God's throne is in the sky and the earth is a place for his feet. The legends claim that Armenia is the footboard to God's throne.
- According to the Bible, Noah's Ark settled on Mount Ararat and gave the second birth to the people of the world. And this very fact makes both Ararat and Armenia a holy place.
- The Bible tells us that the four rivers of paradise start from Armenia.
- Christianity was first adopted as the state religion in 301 A.D. making Armenia the oldest Christian nation on earth.
- Many ancient nations including Egyptians and Sumerians believed that the wisdom and science descended upon them from the Armenian Highland.
- Armenians know the secrets of a long and healthy life, and people visit Armenia in hope of finding these secrets.
- The Armenians are a people of peace, family and tradition that return the goodwill and blessings that have been granted them.

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Most Popular Tours in Armenia

Most popular Tours in Armenia are the Classic Tours for almost all tourist categories and Armenia travelers who visit this country first time. The Classic Armenia Tours will introduce Armenia Tourist Attractions to you and will give you the sense of friendship and hospitality of Armenian people.

Armenia visitors may chose 7, 10, 11, 14 or 17 days classic tours in Armenia.

Special Tours in Armenia

Special Tours in Armenia are designed for those who want to enjoy unique and impressive events, adventure trips, mountain climbing, horseback riding and wine testing, or customized tours in Armenia.

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