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 Deghabaza Yerevan LTD
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Welcome to "Deghabaza Yerevan" page!

Deghabaza Yerevan Ltd.
President: Dr. Artashes Bisharyan
Address: Hrachya Kochar 17, Yerevan, Armenia
Phone: (374 10) 270238
Fax: (374 10) 270238

  • A leading Armenian pharmaceutical company - imports more then 200 different medicines from European countries such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Romania, Ukraine and UK
  • 15 years experience in pharmacy
  • Exclusive distributor of world's top pharmaceutical companies, such as Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, Ferrosan and Bittner. Distributor of numerous other major medicine producers such as Pfizer.
  • One of the top five wholesalers of medicine and health care items in Armenia. Distribution and client network includes more then 300 pharmacies all over Armenia and seven wholesale companies

"Deghabaza Yerevan" Ltd. is the holder of the first license issued by the Armenian Government (Ministry of Health) and today it is among the most experienced medicine suppliers in Armenia.

"Deghabaza Yerevan" periodically conducts quantitative and qualitative studies and surveys on public health in Armenia to identify most needed medical products. The company collaborates with leading Armenian and international specialists, medical practitioners and pharmacists to ensure the highest quality of imported medical products and their proper utilization.

"Deghabaza Yerevan" Ltd. works directly with the world leading companies and imports only high quality medicine. Thanks to its commitment to provide the best and the newest medicine to its clients, the company often initiates official registration of new medicines in the Armenian market.

"Deghabaza Yerevan" Ltd. is also known for its charity projects. The company continuously provides vitamins and medication to children in orphanages as well as to other institutions.

The steady progress of "Deghabaza Yerevan" Ltd. is a result of hard work and dedication of a professional team assembled and directed by Dr. Artashes Bisharyan, the President of the company. Dr. Bisharyan, a gifted organizer and manager has dedicated a whole lifetime to pharmaceutics and to professional provision of high quality medicine to his clients. Artashes Bisharyan was born in 1952. In 1977 he graduated from the Yerevan State Medical University, department of pharmaceutics. From 2003 to 2005, after more then 20 years of extensive practical experience in pharmacy management he studied in the Moscow Medical Academy after I.M. Sechenov and received M.D. in pharmaceutics.

"Deghabaza Yerevan" Ltd. has a highly professional team of over 20 people who work together with dedication and responsibility. Over 80 percent of the staff has degrees in medicine. Relations with international pharmaceutical institutions and regular participation in trainings as well as study tours ensure the companies professional competence in international pharmaceutics.

Today "Deghabaza Yerevan" Ltd. is a reliable partner for many leading European companies and is open for new collaborations. The company has extensive experience in pharmaceutics and professional capacity to enlarge the number of imported products and its market. The company is equipped with modern technologies including information technologies, offices, storages, which confer to the strictest international standards, special vehicles for transporting medicine etc.

The key strengths of "Deghabaza Yerevan" are its good reputation in Armenia and abroad, deep knowledge of the Armenian market and its large distribution network.

The company is planning to increase the volume as well as variety of imported medical products, and to start importing medical equipment.

"Deghabaza Yerevan" Ltd. and its partners are convinced that all new initiatives will contribute to further development of the company and to improvement of health care in Armenia.

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