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  22/02/2018   9:16

 Tourist Feedback 2009
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I would like to thank you for the excellent tour that 7 days arranged for us in Armenia. Everyone we met made us welcome.

Our driver, Henry, was extremely helpful at all times and made the travelling and distances covered an integral and enjoyable part of the holiday. By the second day we were looking upon him like an old friend. He was a companion throughout the journey, ensuring that we saw as much as possible and made the best use of our limited time.

Our guide, Sahakanoush, was very knowledgeable and helped us to understand the history and context of what we were seeing. It seemed that whatever query or problem we had, Sahakanoush could resolve it, without fuss. The unexpected invitation to the concert at the National Gallery in Yerevan was an unexpected and interesting extra to the week. We were sorry when we had to say good-bye.

The Bass Hotel, where we stayed throughout our holiday, was very friendly, convenient, comfortable and clean. The staff made us very welcome. The Bass is a small hotel, which obviously cannot have all the amenities of a five star international chain, but in terms of trying to meet our requirements they could not have been more helpful nor more friendly. The Bass is an armenian hotel not a faceless international one.

I would also like to thank "7days" for arranging the tour for the three of us. I was impressed that you were able to arrange for our stay and tour at a time to suit the very limited few days at our disposal. I had searched for a travel company that could provide a tour during the eight days that we had available to us. There were no packages suitable. I also searched for companies that did tailored tours, you were the only one that replied promptly. I was impressed that although we had a tailored tour for just the three of us, it cost us aproximately the same as a package would have done, and we got a personal service that no package could have provided.

I will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wishes to see Armenia.

Kind regards on behalf of Jane, Hilary and myself,
Basil Minor

Хотелось бы поблагодарить вас за проделанную работу,за теплый прием,за заботу!Огромное преогромное спасибо за наши великолепные каникулы,за прекрасно составленную программу(мы отдыхали с вами с 1по5мая,и далее 3дня в Агверане).Огромное спасибо и привет гиду Лили(очень славная переживательная,внимательная девушка) и нашему водителю Андо!Все члены нашей команды-Лена и Виктор-также остались довольны!Виктор в данный момент в Узбекистане и пишет что группа его в настоящий момент не в пример скучнее...Всем своим друзьям и знакомым рекомендую ваше агенство как лучшее в Армении!

Юлия Астапкович

Just to thank your team very much for a great time in Armenia - I really enjoyed it and hope to return again someday.

Rowan McBrien

Огромная благодарность за предоставленные услуги. Все было просто СУПЕР!!!
Начиная с квартиры, где я проживала и заканчивая водителем, с которым мы
остались большими друзьями. Андо - замечательный человек, даже не могу
представить кого-то другого на его месте. Еще раз огромное спасибо, надеюсь ДО ВСТРЕЧИ!!!

Татьяна Сорочинская

Dear “Seven days”,
Everything was very fine, a good driver, a good guide, a good organization. Thank you for your help. If I come back to Armenia, I will contact you for sure.
Sorry, I haven’t any photo, I was making a video. But I will tell my friend to send you some.

Greetings from Austria
Gerhard Sexl.

Огромное спасибо за то, что помогли мне открыть чудесную Армению! Замечательная страна и замечательные люди.

Александр Ярошевич
Coca Cola Belarus

Большое спасобо за теплый прием и хорошую организацию тура.
От имени “Кока-Кола Бевриджиз Белоруссия”

Андрей Рощупин

Главное Ваше достоинство – это люди. Я нигде не встречал столь радушных, гостеприимных и просто обаятельных людей! Спасибо за прекрасно проведенное время в Армении, что есть Ваша непосредственная заслуга!! Всё было просто супер!!

Олег Погорелов
Кока-Кола Бевриджиз Белоруссия

I saw many churches and monasteries in between snow and mountains. They are from centuries strange for me. I never saw such monasteries before. I think they are beautiful and unique.
My two friends Sirarpi and Andranik took me everywhere, all was easy and seven days went like seven minutes.
Armenia was wonderful, thank you for the arrangements.
See you soon again.

Alberto Soto Nicolas

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