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  22/02/2018   9:04

 National and Religious Holidays
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Armenian people from pre-Christian times were celebrating various popular feasts. After Christianity the majority of these rites have been performed in religious ceremonies, thanks to it many elements of ancient festivities are preserved up to date.

After Declaration of Independence, in Armenia the official calendar was affirmed. The national and religious holidays were retrieved, the ancient ritual traditions were recovered and current generation is now accurately following them and participating in these holidays with the greatest pleasure.

According to the established tradition a lot of travel agencies are arranging highly enjoyable events and activities dedicated to these holidays. Not only local people, but foreign visitors and tourist as well are delighted to take part in such festivals.

Vardavar, Grape Blessing, Saint Sargis Feast, Palm Sunday, Pancake Day and other holidays are the reliable testimonies of Armenian people and their culture identity and longevity.

Please visit National and Religious Holidays with its corresponding subcategories to learn more about National and Religious Feasts.

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