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  25/02/2018   0:15

 Myrrh Blessing
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Once in seven years in autumn in the Cathedral Church of Echmiadzin, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of all Armenians says the Mass for Holly Myrrh Blessing symbolizing the presence of God. It is the most sacred and mysterious ceremony for Armenian people and Apostolic church.

Forty days before this event the Supreme Patriarch with his escort utters a prayer and reads some fragments from Testament in front of cauldron full of pure olive oil. From this very day the preparation of 40-days ritual conducting with daily prayers has started.

The oil for anointing with Holy Chrism, described in Old Testament is a prototype of present myrrh. God disclosed the structure, preparation and using mode of it to Moses. "Ĺ“Take the best incenses and make of them the myrrh for holly unction. Anoint with it sacristy, icon case, sacrificial altar, church utensils, baptismal font and its pedestal. Hallow them and they will become the holiest things all over the world. Touching them everyone will be cleansed of his sins.

In Armenian reality there are many legends telling about myrrh origin. They say that Jesus Christ blessed olive branch which Apostle Thaddeus brought to Armenia.

During the ceremony the old, blessed by Gregory the Illuminator myrrh is being mixed with the new one to keep the grace of God. The rite of Blessing Armenian church celebrates once in seven years.

According to the canon the cauldron with olive oil is put on main altar of the church. By special rite religious nobility carries all sacred objects of the church. The leader of Armenian apostolic church fills the aromatic cauldron with more than 40 incenses, herbs, vegetative spices and flowers, as well as with linseed oil and wine. Then he crosses Myrrh and covers the cauldron. After 2-days boiling, the mass is filtered through the canvas and keep it untill the day of Blessing.

This feast impregnated with profound sacrament and pious excitement is celebrated only in Echmiadzin, from there the Holy Myrrh is brought to consecrate all Armenian churches all over the world, pious Christians, icons and newly elected priests.

Myrrh cleanses human souls and rejuvenates them. If you want to "catch a moment" just burn myrrh and be blessed!

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