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It has been said that music soothes the soul. Have you ever felt the miraculous influence of music? If not, you need to hear the touching sounds of the Armenian Duduk.

The Duduk is among the oldest Armenian instruments. It is also the most beloved, because it can fully express the emotions of the Armenian people. The instrument has a 1,900 year history and although it is used in many Caucasus countries it is of true Armenian origin.

The Duduk is a wind instrument made from apricot timber, and thus it is called tsiranapogh (apricot pipe) in the Armenian language. It has a warm, soft and slightly dulled sound that is controlled by pressure of the lips and by closing eight or nine holes with fingers.

As a rule, the Duduk is played in a duet. The first Duduk plays the main melody; while the second, as people put it, "Dam e pahum" (holds the dam). The dam spices the main melody and provides corresponding background. The Duduk can also be successfully accompanied by Dhol (a two sided drum).

Armenia is a country of numerous talented musicians who play the Duduk. Currently the most famous and beloved duduk player is, the world renowned, Master-of-Duduk, Jivan Gasparyan, and the world owes a special thanks to him for presenting the Duduk to the world. Today the Duduk has been used in almost 60 famous Hollywood and independent films, such as "Titanic" and "Gladiator".

The magic sound of the Duduk is in such harmony with nature, history, and the spirit of Armenia, that it is hard to picture this country without the Duduk.

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